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Happy Garden

Happy Garden

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Fortune Fuyan provides creative but authentic Chinese cuisines made with the best seasonal ingredients and are of local special features to feast the guests. The dishes are of local special features to feast the guests. Our staff provides hospitable service and has professional knowledge about the cuisines. In addition to casual gatherings among friends, family parties or business meetings, independent room is also available for distinguish guests to have a quiet dinging space with privacy.

Where:Fullon Taoyuan、Fullon Hualien、Fullon Jhongli、Fullon Danshuei Fishermen 、Fullon Sanyin、Fullon Shenkeng 、Fullon Kaohsiung
Hours and Prices:
  • Details are provided in each Hotel.
  • Those who are no taller than 115 cm are considered as kids and will not be charged.
  • Those who are 115 cm to150 cm are considered as children and will be charged.
  • Those who are taller than 150 cm are considered as adults and will be charged.
Service Charge for Self-Prepared Wine and Liquor:
  • Please refer to the on-site announcement of each hotel.